Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions:  

1. What is the fastest way to tell if will track scores the way I score my league?
Answer: Make a detailed list of your questions and concerns. E-mail them to at or call us toll free at 866-724-1818

2. What if I buy and decide not to use it?
Answer: comes with a thirty-day money back guarantee.

3. If I sign-up with this year will I be charged more next year?
Answer: When you buy you lock in that price for three years, if you pay by the deadline date each year.

4. How does set-up security?
  The league administrator controls security by league group.
  Passwords to identify league administrator or administrators.
  Passwords to Identify league members.
  You can limit access to individual personal information (phone, address, etc.)

5. How does LeagueBoss handle handicaps?
  Use any handicap system for players and/or subs, including USGA index.
  Assign the minimum number of rounds used to calculate a player's handicap.
  Assign the number of rounds needed to establish a handicap.
  Assign the minimum number of rounds to calculate an average handicap.
  Assign the percent of gross score used to calculate league handicap.
  Define any number of high rounds to throw out.
  Define any number of low rounds to throw out.
  Define minimum number of rounds required before high and low rounds are thrown out.
  Define number of highest holes per round to throw out.
  Define number of lowest holes per round to.
  Define whether handicap decimals are rounded or dropped.
  Define whether negative handicaps are allowed.
  Define whether subs use the same handicap calculation as regular players.
  Handicap history is kept from year to year hole, round or both.
  Needed more information? Call us at 866-724-1818.

6. What kinds of league documents and information can I display to my league members?
  You can store and view documents for league use and golf course information. can display rules, logos, awards, officers, duties etc. supports .doc, .xls, .pdf, .gif, .jpg and many more file types.

7. How does LeagueBoss handle schedules?
  You can set up any type of schedule; accommodate playing different courses, different nines, handles same tee times on different nines or courses.
  Define 1 to 10 periods in the schedule.
  Automatically generate a schedule based on # of players, # of teams and tee times.
  Reschedule or skip rain out rounds.
  Communicate19th hole information for each round of the season; schedule events after golf.
  Assign any number of periods per season.

8. What type of reports can I display or print for my league members?
Reporting Examples Are:
  League standing.
  Team total.
  Last round.
  Individual total.
  Skins Reports six different ways of playing skins.
  Skins, no handicap, no carry over.
  Skins, no handicap with carry over.
  Skins, handicap, no carry over.
  Skins, handicap with carry over.
  Skins, modified handicap, no carry over.
  Skins, modified handicap with carry over.
  Modified handicap uses actual handicap until a player gets to par, after par they receive 1/2 stroke for each stroke remaining (This way an actual birdie will win over a par with a stroke).
  Score card reports (actual and blank).
  All reports are printable in color or black & white.

9. What type of scoring can LeagueBoss handle?
Scoring Options:
  Mix and match the following scoring systems:
  Match play - Stroke play
  Medal play - Best ball
  Supports individual, team scoring or both.
  Supports any or all of team highest score, team lowest score, team total score.
  Award points by hole, round or both.
  Define value and procedure to award points by hole, round or both.
  Resolve ties on holes or rounds, by splitting, not awarding or carry over.
  Track # of putts, greens hit in regulation, fairways hit, driving distances and saves.
  Define maximum number of points awarded to a sub per round.
  Define maximum number of points awarded to the opponent of a sub per round.
  Enter scores hole by hole.
  Enter weather conditions for round.
  Choose games played for the round.
  Select sub from sub list or add a new sub from the scorecard.
  Define rules to handle when a regular player or sub doesn't show up for a round (no show). - Award all points to the opponent. - Assignment a ghost player from the league that played that day for the person without an opponent to play against. - Define a minimum number of points a player will receive that plays a ghost player.
  Define score received when a player forfeits a hole, average score of all other scores or + or - that average score (no points will be received if hole is forfeited).
  Define maximum strokes a player can receive on a par 3, par 4 and par 5.
  Define the maximum # of strokes a player can receive on a par 3, par 4 and par 5, if met, drop strokes or carry over.

10. What are the basic features of
Manage Your Golf League Via the Internet
  You control exactly how you want your league to be run... courses, tee times, teams, and handicap, even skins!
  During initial set-up, "Easy Set-Up Wizard" screens lead you through all the options that apply to your league. takes the work out of golf league administration and dramatically improves communication!
  Anyone who has access to the Internet has access to virtually any statistic or phone number they need... 24 hours a day!
  For members without Internet access, information is available as printable forms. is easier to use than PC based software and never needs upgrading!
  Members have online access to standings, sub lists, club specials, even post photos and announcements!
  Personal player information is password protected. Make public as much or as little as you prefer.
  A large variety of reports can be printed from including; League Standing, Total Reports, Last Round, Individual Total, Skins and much more!
  Printable scorecards available online can be customized to track strokes, putts, handicap and tee times, and speeds data entry when posting scores!

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