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  Dear Golfers,

Wait until you see this new product!

Our LeagueBoss.com Individual Golfer's web-based scoring system "is not your father's Oldsmobile."

There are numerous individual handicapping and scoring programs available on the market today; everything from shareware to freeware, downloads, and spreadsheets. However, all of them only record your individual play scores, making it very difficult to bring in your league results - especially if you're in more than one league.

Since many golfers play in more than one league, in tournaments, and individually, our customers have asked for a way to collect all of their personal golfing information in LeagueBoss.com - scores from multiple leagues, scores from individual play, everything!

How would you like to see your handicap index that includes all of your golfing rounds . . . instantly!

How would you like to track the statistics from your league that you find important - like putts, greens in regulation, sand saves, and driving distance?  Leagueboss.com Individual Golfer's web-based scoring system will allow you to add those statistics to league rounds on your personal system.

LeagueBoss.com is working hard in the development of a secure and all-inclusive system to meet these needs.

Our customers tell us that they have had that dream for years. You know what they say, "be careful of what you wish for."

Stay Tuned . . .

Thank You!



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