Every once in a while a great (amazing) advancement takes place in the game of golf. Improved dimple design, titanium, forged clubs - and now, A must have for every golf league!

Timm Morrison-League Member
1470 Sportsradio - The Ticket
Eagle One Golf League
Eagle's Landing Golf Course
Oregon, Ohio

    I was fortunate enough to win the use of LeagueBoss for my league at Whiteford Valley Golf Club this year. It's fantastic. Not only can we have a rotating schedule that's prearranged for all players, but also it shuffles people between the three tee times so that a team isn't always playing the early tee time.
    From a serious golfer's standpoint, we love the fact that we can get our handicaps, average scores, individual stats, etc. And from the social side of golf, we love being able to put the photos of our league and some of their antics on our own page for all of us to enjoy and most importantly to see where we are going after golf for drinks and dinner and to brag about our scores (right!).
    And finally since I was a new user this year, I cannot say enough about the service and support I received from John Gordon and his staff. I must say that they take the phrase "service after the sale" (and in my case it was free this year) very seriously.
    I will definitely have my league sign up for it in the years to come!
    Thanks so much for all your help this summer.

Marlene Guynes - League Administrator
Whiteford Valley Golf Club
Ottawa Lake, MI

    The 28 player Hawk Hollow Player's League resoundingly supports
    Not a week goes by where some player doesn't stop one of us to say how "cool" LeagueBoss is and how well it is working for them. This program has made league administration easy and fun, and provided the players almost instant feedback on the standings.
    John, we want to single you out for your responsiveness to any problems or issues we have had over our first season. It is almost like the program was custom made for our league. is a sure-fire winner. Any league manager who is NOT using your system is wasting time and money and doing a disservice to their league membership.
    We did our homework before we signed up with and I've got to say this is a remarkably full-featured program. The handicapping is seamless and the reports and features are both in-depth and simple to use. We can't wait to add some of your additional statistical tracking features for next season.
    Best of luck with LeagueBoss. You can count on us as a loyal user for many years to come.
    Thanks for everything,

Dale Griffith, Administrator
Hawk Hollow Players League
Hawk Hollow Golf Club
Bath, MI

    I wanted to take this time to tell you how very pleased I am with I am the statistician of a league of 40 golfers.
    Since using I have cut my time down to 15 minutes a week for league entry work.
    It is truly amazing the capabilities of The ease of entering league data and then the printing of league stats, handicaps, skins and scorecards is awesome.
    Thank you again for making my job a whole lot easier!

Darryl Limes - League Statistician
Waterville Golf League
Riverby Hills Golf Club
Bowling Green, Ohio

    Just wanted you to know how great your online league service is. All of my league members just love it. This is my first year in running a league and I found your site by accident and I'm glad I did. Keeping the scores and information for the players couldn't be any easier and I thank you for it. The members have all commented on how nice the site is. Keep up the good work and Thanks for being there.

David Forney - League Administrator
Olentangy School Golf League
Shamrock Golf Club
Powell, Ohio

    What more can I say? If you have ever set up and administered a league you know how time consuming it can be. eliminates the time and makes running a league an afterthought.

Dan Metz - League Administrator
Advanced Manufacturing Center
Manufacturing Engineering Manager
Plexus 2002 Summer League
Lake Breeze Golf Club
Winneconne, WI

    Our entire league loves the website and all that it provides. Our league won a free year, and because we like the website so much, have already decided to be paying customers next year.
    Also, one of our subs told his friend about the website and they are now using it.

Jerry Watson - League Administrator
Bogey Boys Golf League
Whiteford Valley Golf Club
Ottawa Lake, MI

    Thank you for a great product! As a member of the Waterville Golf league, I had to wait until golf night to find out where we were in the standings. Now, I can go online anytime and see where everyone finished! Thanks and keep up the great work!

Pete MacDonald - League Member
Waterville Golf League
Riverby Hills Golf Club
Bowling Green, Ohio

    I am not at all computer literate but using is almost effortless. I can find anything I need to know about my golf scores, schedules, league standing, handicap, average scores, and any other league member's golf scores, etc. It is an extremely thorough system and very easy to use. Thanks!

Toledo Ski Club Golf League member.
Bedford Hills Golf Club
Temperance, MI

    If you're into golf you're into

Kevin Kreiner - League Administrator
Cedar Creek League
Fallen Timbers Fairways
Waterville, Ohio

Dear, is an outstanding golf league tool. It provides everything that a golf league manager could want. I can do more with this software than I could with the other I used to use and in half the time.
    Scores are easy to enter, the information that I want distributed to the members is easy to put in and the scheduling was a breeze. Plus, I don't have to take a stack of papers to league every night.
    The players love it because all of the information is at their fingertips. They can find subs, look at stats and check out future schedules just by going on line.
    I highly recommend to any golf league looking to simplify their scorekeeping.

Mike Furnas
Thursday Night Sandbaggers
Stone Ridge Golf Club
Bowling Green, OH

Dear, is a unqualified hit with the 28 members of the Hawk Hollow Players League. Not a week goes by where someone doesn't stop us and tell us how fantastic it is to review the entire year's results on the site. The most revealing fact is that we have not had one complaint about the handicapping or scoring from a member. Not one!
    Thanks for all of your personal attention and handholding. Your commitment to doing this right makes you and you entire staff a pleasure to work with. This software is certain to be a spectacular success.

Dennis Green
Hawk Hollow Players League

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