Welcome to the Leagueboss.com League Setup Wizard!
  This page is intended to provide some information on how to navigate through the Leagueboss.com setup wizard.

Our wizard is designed to allow you to enter the information to set up your league as quickly and easily as possible. In order to make this setup as straightforward as possible, we have broken the setup process into various tasks. Each "Page" of the wizard will focus on one area of your league, and as you progress through the wizard, you will define each aspect of your league.

In order to ensure that information is entered in as easily and quickly as possible, Please note that your browser back button has been disabled for the duration of this setup wizard. If you need to go back to a prior step, please use the back link at the bottom of each page, or use the Wizard Bar navigation links at the top of the page.

Some basic information about the layout and use of each wizard page is included below, which may answer many common questions. You may want to take a few moments now to familiarize yourself with this layout, or you may simply move on to the next step.

Wizard Bar - Use this section not only to get an "at-a-glance" view of your current progress through the setup Wizard, but also to navigate back to any section of the Wizard you have already completed! Simply click on the section you would like to return to.
SwitchTo Button - This button is used to switch between various leagueboss roles. Don't worry if it doesn't appear for you...it only shows up if you belong to more than one league.
Logout Button - This button allows you to log out of the system when you are done. This way, you can get back to the main Leagueboss.com page, to log in as a different user, or explore other parts of the site. Don't worry if you don't remember to log out before closing the browser...We'll clean up for you automatically if you forget.
Instructions Box - Very Important! Each page contains a section with instructions specific to that page. Don't skip over these! Many times simply reading over these instructions can save you a great deal of confusion with using the system.
Back Button - This is how you navigate back to the last task you performed. (Remember, your browser's back button is disabled!) This is handy for any time you need to double check an earlier entry. Also, don't forget that you can navigate with the Wizard Bar.
Save And Continue - Every page of the Wizard will have a button like this. This is how you move on to the next step of the Wizard. Some pages also have additional options here, that will be explained in the instructions box. (You did read those, right?)
Start the Wizard!
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